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ARRO provides emergency management organizations including law enforcement, public health, county, city, and municipal governments, public works and utilities, and state National Guards with real-time personnel and equipment tracking for faster reimbursement. The system connects responders in the field not only with headquarters, but with finance and accounting experts. ARRO allows for recovery, including the reimbursement process, to begin at the start of an event. Get reimbursed faster with ARRO.


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ARRO lets you onboard people and equipment quickly and effectively for all types of emergencies including natural disasters, civil unrest, and pandemics.


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You can respond better with the click of a button, delegating tasks and eliminating manual processes, spreadsheets, and other outdated technology.


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ARRO provides for timely reimbursements, enabling you to conclude crisis response and resume normal activities quickly and efficiently.


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ARRO integrates seamlessly with existing systems to collect and manage the data that matters most to you.

The Impact

From emergencies like hurricanes in Florida and Texas to wildfires in California, and now the global COVID-19 pandemic, ARRO helps you take care of your people by responding better and recovering faster, providing 24/7 on-demand support and training for simultaneous emergency responses nationwide.

Case Study #1: Meeting the Challenge of Title 32 during COVID-19 Response

During the COVID-19 pandemic, The National Guard is uniquely positioned on the front line of a global healthcare crisis with potential limitations on protective equipment, testing, and resources. Their ties to the local community, state, and federal governments make members of the National Guard pivotal first responders to an emergency. In this unprecedented time, when guardsmen across all states and territories are activated, administrative and logistical challenges become increasingly complicated.

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Complex Mission

The response to the COVID-19 pandemic is fundamentally sensitive and complex. As the mission evolves, National Guard members adjust their response to best support citizens and control the emergency.

  • Title 32 was developed to reduce the financial burden on states and has alleviated some of the issues.
  • However, complications exist in how a state tracks personnel (PerStat), payroll, and equipment (LogStat) across simultaneous Title 32 (502(f)) and SAD missions.
  • Situations involving varying pay and benefit rules that are already complex in nature, including State Minimum Pay Rules, housing (BAH1 and BAH2), and healthcare (Tricare), add additional challenge.
  • States must still track and report mission-critical information (Strength Reporting, etc.) even when operating under Title 32.
  • In many cases, tracking, reporting, and subsequent reimbursement processing are handled through a highly manual and time-consuming process involving multiple Excel spreadsheets and/or Access databases.


Benefits of the National Guard Application

Specific to COVID-19 activations, states are using the system to navigate the complexity of tracking and reporting for guardsmen on numerous mission types at the same time. Benefits of our solution include the following:

  • Robust Functionality. ARRO addresses a variety of business needs and can be used for all mission types including Emergency, Long Term Standing Missions and Federal 502(f) Missions.
  • Flexibility. The system is designed to allow you to switch between mission types easily and quickly, and provides the ability to shift between State and Federal Orders.
  • Enterprise-Wide Solution. ARRO brings together state and military resources such as Budget & Finance, Payroll & Personnel, Joint Directorates, specifically J1, J3, J4, & J8, and State Guard Naval Militia (when necessary).
  • Tracking Federally Funded Service Members. Daily PerStat enables you to track service members even when they are being paid with federal dollars.
  • Real-Time Information. ARRO provides built-in dashboards provide you with real-time access to mission-critical data including troop counts, jobs performed by each service member, burn rate, and strength reporting.
  • Accommodating Duty Status Changes. Daily Pay Calculations allow you to track service members as they change duty status from one day to the next.
  • Order and Duty Status Tracking. Solution allows you to track all service members no matter what orders they are on; the system is configured with numerous duty statuses (i.e. ADOS, SAD, Title 32).

ARRO is proven successful in emergency response and is designed to handle the current unprecedented activation of guardsmen, tracking personnel and payroll to allow you to manage events, take care of your people, and expedite recovery and reimbursement after activation. All in real time.

Case Study #2: Wildfire Prevention and Response in California

Since 2017, California has seen some of the most active and destructive wildfire seasons in its history. Dry conditions combined with lightning and the Santa Ana winds of the late fall and early winter exacerbate the problem, resulting in thousands of fires, with millions of acres and tens of thousands of buildings destroyed, resulting in significant property damage and threat to human life.

With constant wildfire-related activations, tracking details of deployment of troops became very complex. For example, pay, equipment, and personnel tracking, assignment of proper equipment and resources for troops to accomplish their missions, and the ability to get supplies to troops in a timely and effective way and equipment were hard to perform efficiently. The California National Guard needed a solution to enable them to keep their focus on the critical mission.

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Meeting the Challenge

The California National Guard utilized the system during State Active Duty (SAD) missions to quickly and accurately identify which personnel were out on missions, which tasks they were performing, the cost of the operations from a personnel and equipment standpoint, to keep track of the burn rate on each mission, and real-time resource deployment using dashboards and snapshot views of deployed personnel and aviation equipment used to fight wildfires.

Not only is this information used by the California National Guard, it is also used by Joint Operating Headquarters, Joint Operating Command, and the Governor of California to make critical strategic decisions. ISF provided after-hours support for the system during this period of heightened response, to ensure all elements of the system were performing optimally to support the state’s needs.

The Results

ISF’s implementation of the system allowed the California National Guard to maintain its organizational focus on wildfire response rather than keeping track of personnel equipment with outdated, time consuming methods.

California National Guard personnel are activated on 35 projects to reduce wildfire risk to California residents.

This shift from solely providing response after the fact to including prevention in the National Guard wildfire mission marks the California National Guard’s ability to focus on improving disaster prevention and response rather than devoting time and personnel to tracking details like timesheets and equipment usage.

The system facilitates the following:


  • Easily captures accurate and complete troop information in the field
  • JRSOI facilitates faster out and in processing
  • Actively syncs with SIDPERS and IPSS-A

During Mission:

  • Accurately tracks and monitors equipment
  • Provides accurate and timely pay to activated troops
  • Maintains reimbursement compliance with built-in controls
  • Matches deployed equipment with specific personnel in PERSTAT
  • Maintains interdependence between personnel and logistics

One System Backed by
40 Years of Experience

ARRO serves agencies to efficiently replace complex manual and paper-based processes related to personnel, pay, and equipment tracking.

Our support has enabled effective, simultaneous response to hurricanes, wildfires, infectious disease, civil unrest, and other emergencies.

ARRO allows you to Take Care of your People, Respond Better, and Recover Faster.

ISF is a corporate member with the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS)

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