1979 | Founded by Tom Solano

Founded by Tom Solano

Founded in Jacksonville, Florida, ISF begins operations as an independent firm providing IT solutions for the warehousing industry and multiple business in North Florida. ISF’s early clients are in education, freight management, and hospital records management.

1981 | Tallahassee, Florida Office Opens

Tallahassee, Florida Office Opens

ISF signs its first government client and shifts the company concentration from commercial to government, opening an office in Tallahassee, the capital city of Florida. Today, 80% of ISF’s business is for state government agencies, with Tallahassee being its largest office.

Early 1990s | ISF Lands a Major Client

ISF Lands a Major Client

Signing on a huge client increases revenue for ISF. New opportunities bring new challenges as ISF becomes a known and established service provider in the industry. There is more work to be managed and the company focuses efforts on growing in a smart and responsible way.

1994-95 | Boom!


In the mid 90s, ISF is booming and successfully surpassing its growth goals. The company offers stock options and benefits to employees. Friendly rivalries develop between the Jacksonville and Tallahassee offices, including bowling and softball league competitions.

Early 2000s | The Dot-Com Bubble

The Dot-Com Bubble

Tom Solano leads ISF in the development of a new company called CE Broker. With the ability to leverage the growth and stability of ISF, CE Broker grows to more success and spins off into a separate, national company.

2004-05 | The National Guard

The National Guard

The hurricane season takes a devastating toll on Florida, particularly marked by Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne making landfall only three weeks apart. The resulting damage from the second hurricane strike is $3.5 billion. ISF develops a management system for the National Guard to assist in payroll and other administrative challenges associated with natural guard disaster and emergency response. National Guard clients include Florida, Texas, California, New York,Massachusetts, Washington, and Hawaii.

2008 | The Financial Crisis

The Financial Crisis

In the uncertain economic climate of 2007-08, ISF maintains stable revenue through sound management practices, leveraging stability to gain the trust of additional government agencies. This trust allows ISF to grow during difficult financial times.

2010 | Cyndy Loomis Becomes CEO

Cyndy Loomis Becomes CEO

Tom Solano moves from his position as CEO into the role of President. As CEO, Cyndy has a systems and operations approach to running ISF. This approach lays the groundwork that helps establish long-term stability for the company and positions ISF for the next phase of growth.

2010 | Management Consulting

Management Consulting

ISF expands services to grow its management consulting for government agencies. This opens a new market for ISF while continuing to serve the same industry. Today, management consulting comprises a large portion of revenues, becoming ISF’s biggest differentiator over its competition.

2014 | Opens Office in Austin, Texas

Opens Office in Austin, Texas

Cultural similarities between Texas and Florida and being home of the state capital make Austin an obvious choice for expansion. ISF begins offering management consulting services to Texas state government agencies with Jonathan Conrad leading this effort in the Texas market, in his role as Client Partner.

2017 | Tom Solano Returns as CEO

Tom Solano Returns as CEO

Tom Solano leads ISF to achieve its national vision. ISF shifts efforts back toward growth with sales leading the way. As projects span 18 different states, ISF targets the rest of the nation. Jonathan Conrad transforms ISF’s sales unit to be nimble and highly effective in securing targeted and intentional business.

Solving the Future | Growing Nationally

Growing Nationally

ISF currently has the most experienced team in company history, totaling over 80 people. The growth strategy includes implementing new programs while maintaining concentration on serving government agencies. ISF is pleased to have won contract bids over major competitors in the management consulting industry. The company has grown from a local Florida business to competition for major national players in the industry.