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We’ve made state agencies like yours our business since 1979. We have been honing our capabilities in the glow of the Digital Revolution and the ever-changing technologies of the Information Age. Clients rely on us to advise, protect, and advance their management and business practices. ISF understands the way state government works across the full spectrum of business processes, workflows, and strategies to the various IT initiatives that can be leveraged to support your successful work. Your processes and business needs inform our work with you as we integrate and develop solutions to best fit your needs.

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ISF Statement of Corporate Responsibility – Solving the Future in 2021 and beyond

At ISF, we have changed. We evolved and adapted. We’ve become more flexible, and in that flexibility, stronger. We have adopted a remote work environment that allows our team to be safe and healthy while maintaining the high-quality service that our clients and partners have come to count on for over 40 years.

Read about ISF’s Corporate Responsibility in a special message from our President