— Capabilities

A Strategy For Success

Forge a path to operational success through strategy, continuous process improvement, and ongoing assessment.

Apply leading insight to drive change and achieve growth

Strategic Planning

Move forward with confidence by assessing your needs, understanding your goals, and planning for change.

Business Process Assessment

Identify business process inefficiencies through business process mapping and industry comparisons.

Needs Assessment

Put future action into perspective and discover new opportunities by identifying your organization's core needs to meet your organizations goals.

Enterprise Risk Assessment

Protect your organization by identifying, documenting, responding, and monitoring risks.

Implementation Roadmaps

Put goals into action through step-by-step implementation road maps that reflect your organization's priorities and account for existing barriers.

Join hundreds of satisfied ISF clients

All 3 ISF team members went well beyond what our contract required to not only deliver products, but to support and encourage our teams here at HQ and around the state. I’ve heard glowing reviews of these processes from every team with which they interacted.

— Bureau Chief, major state public health agency

Strategic Planning

ISF can help you during every step of your strategic planning process. From an initial assessment of your current state to helping you build your future state vision, ISF will work collaboratively with your team to develop your strategic plan and prioritize strategic goals and objectives. Because every strategic plan is a living document, ISF can also help you review, update, continuously improve, and maintain your strategic planning documents on an annual basis.

Business Process Assessment

From start to finish, business processes impact your organization's ability to operate efficiently and effectively. Whatever challenges you face with your business processes, ISF has the skills and expertise to identify your current state. With business process mapping and other assessment tools, our team can crystalize your business processes, working with you to outline operational steps and identify areas of improvement.

Needs Assessment

A needs assessment clarifies the gap between where you currently are and where you want to go. By understanding your future goals and assessing your current state, ISF identifies the primary needs your organization has to help you prioritize future action. After the development of your future needs, ISF develops tactical solutions to close the gaps between your current state and future goals. With a needs assessment in hand, your organization will understand what needs must be met to achieve your goals, setting you on a straightforward path to success.

Enterprise Risk Assessment

ISF helps you identify and evaluate different types of enterprise risk that can impact your organization. As an independent, third-party collaborator, we identify hidden potential issues within your organization. To do this, we facilitate the identification and assessment of enterprise level risks, prioritizing them in terms of likelihood and severity of impact, and recommending strategies to address and respond to risks identified. Because risk factors are likely to change over time, ISF provides ongoing monitoring and support for enterprise-level risks.

Implementation Road Maps

ISF supports your priorities while meeting and exceeding goals using planning tools to break down the priorities, barriers, and milestones needed to meet your strategic goals. An implementation roadmap is the first step to putting action behind your objectives, defining task management to ensure success in the details of your initiative.